31 Days of Horror

Seasonal Campaign completed as a member of the Creative Studio at the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)


Logo set
Poster Series
Where Magazine Cover
Social Content
Animated Hero Graphic
Print + Digital Signage
Sky Church Screens
LED + Plasma Screens
Web + Email Headers
Cinerama Ticket
Art Direction of Homepage

Graphic Designer

Nina Wesler

The Thrill of Horror

In true horror fashion, the timeline was a week and a half from my first day in the studio at MoPOP to shipping the creative. In that short time, I pitched three concepts to Senior Leadership, moving forward with the one featured here. I built a set of three logos and a set of accompanying illustrations for the billboard and poster series. I initiated creative direction and executed designs for four events during 31 Days of Horror, including print and digital advertising on social channels which performed 32% better than the year’s average. It was a frightfully good time.

Scared to Death

Leaves crunch under your feet. A cool wind sends a chill up your spine. In the distance—is that someone watching you? October is finally here, and with it comes MoPOP’s 31 Days of Horror! Each year, we pull out all the stops to bring you a full month of horrifying events, articles, playlists, and videos. This year we’ll be exploring horror’s most terrifying slashers. From themed Campout Cinemas and parties like Fashionably Undead to top ten lists and artifact spotlights, this is going to be one freakishly good October. Not into slashers? Not to worry! We’ll mix it up with all types of spooky fun. So stay tuned horror fiends!

By Adrienne Clark