A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes

Exhibit campaign completed as a member of the Creative Studio at The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)


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Graphic Designer

Nina Wesler

The Exhibition

Curated and designed by Sofia Hedman and Serge Martynov of MUSEEA, A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes features more than 100 articles of fashion, photography, and video, exploring six personality types of a queen, or metaphorically a woman.

The archetypes range from the seductive Enchantress, represented by feathers and lace, to the tenacious Heroine and the life-bringing Mother Earth, clothed in ethically sourced textiles.

While A Queen Within presents the recurring motifs connected with womanhood found in myths and fairy tales of world literature, it also challenges conventional notions of beauty through experimental gowns, headpieces, and jewelry by boundary-pushing fashion designers and artists.

By Adrienne Clark

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nina wesler
nina wesler
nina wesler