Design Happy Hour

Cornerstone Project at Wildern Design and Interactive 


Event Planning
Editorial Design
Content Strategy
Motion Graphics


Coordinate a monthly workshop to be hosted by Wildern at the Cloud Room for professionals who would like a break from their computers and curious parties interested in learning the basics of a new skill. Plan for classes of 15-20 and curate a take-home tote with supplies to continue creating at home including an instructional booklet.


Design Happy Hour, hosted by Wildern Design & Interactive and The Cloud Room co-working space, is a way to spotlight local artists and craftspeople and provide a platform to share their expertise with the community. DHH encourages people to get off-screen for a couple hours, learn a new skill, meet new people, and relax over a couple drinks.


Through Design Happy Hour, Wildern reaches out to professionals in other disciplines to bridge gaps through creativity and engage in our larger community. I coordinated several classes including: Feminist Embroidery, An Introduction to the Tarot, The Drinker’s Palette Cocktail Workshop, Beginners Macrame, and Modern Mini-cakes.

Modern Mini-Cakes

With Kait Winowitch of Cake Life Everyday

Impress your friends at your next gathering with a beautiful cake inspired by Cake Life! Kait Winowitch brings her kitchen to Design Happy Hour to share her art and passion for baking, cake decoration, and floral design. In this class you will receive two 4-inch cake rounds in a flavor of your choosing made from scratch with love. Learn to torte, fill, frost and top your cake with fresh cut flowers. Delicious Gluten-free and Vegan cakes are also available.

Beginners Macrame Workshop

With Chrysteen Borja of Waverly Knots

Design a macrame wall hanging to add an element of bohemian charm to any space. Local Fiber Artist, Chrysteen Borja of Waverly Knots will lead you through basic knot techniques and introduce you to a variety of patterns to create a beautiful decorative piece all your own.

The Drinkers Palette Cocktail Workshop

With Jay Kuehner of The Cloud Room

Proportion, Balance, Creativity, Methodology– all of these essential elements of design will be enlisted in a hands-on approach to understanding classic cocktail templates, techniques, and taste. Legendary and resident Cloud Room Barman Jay Kuehner will guide you through the sensory and aesthetic qualities of mixing spirits while allowing for their notoriously chimerical effects to take hold.

Illuminate the Tarot

With Mystic Kelsey Letcher

Tap into your creative and intuitive energy as Kelsey Letcher guides you through the traditional Rider-Waite deck. She will illuminate the Arcana, the Four Suits of the Tarot and show you how to read simple spreads for yourself and friends.

Intro to Feminist Embroidery

With Katie McLeod of Ruby & Jack

Stay woke. Learn to embroider your own nasty stitch samplers with local fiber artist, Katie McLeod. In this workshop, you will complete a folk sampler of basic stitches and two patterns to smash the patriarchy.




It was my responsibility to brainstorm an activity, find a local artist, coordinate pricing and dates with artist, as well as with Wildern and the Cloud Room. I would design digital and print advertisements for the event, write copy for all marketing materials, and design and post the event to instagram and facebook. I also designed a take-away booklet of instructions for attendees to accompany a curated selection of hand-picked items to fill their take-away gift totes.

Reflection + Moving Forward

I feel so lucky to have had such a positive internship experience. By extending my contract from 3 months to a year, I was able assist on other designer’s projects and learn from their process and means of production. Working on Design Happy Hour allowed me to explore an array of my own personal strengths in design and project management and connect with a community of Seattle designers and professionals.