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We set out to create an end of life service for a national audience. Through our research in the boomer generation, we found that they are afraid of being a burden after death, and care deeply about where certain possessions go.


The overwhelming response from our interviews was surprisingly not concern about what happens to one’s body when they die, but what happens to the things they love. They think first of their children and they want to share their knowledge, their lives, and the things that are close to their heart with them. In an ideal, magical world, they would like to have all of their personal belongings distributed before they die and talk it over with their children and share what they value, learn what their children value, and what they are both sentimental about.

In having these conversations, we realized there’s a lot that we’re worried about, too: not knowing what to do or what’s important; preserving our family’s history; difficulty talking about death; and being overwhelmed by the entire process.


Morrie brings families together, catalogs prized possessions, and records the stories and history of your heirlooms. Morrie is a platform for families to share stories and memories while you’re alive and gives the gift of preserving them to your loved ones forever. Morrie provides a gentle push to discuss mortality, practice mindfulness, and assist in letting go.









To use Morrie, simply take pictures of your items and speak to record and transcribe your story simultaneously using the app. Add family members to the album and share the love. Family members can indicate interest in an item by liking a photo and add their comments in a feed below. A secure online portal is also available for those accustomed to uploading pictures the old-fashioned way. Morrie is free for users with upgrades available for purchase.

Family members of all ages and stages of life will enjoy using Morrie to catalog and share memories of their favorite possessions while creating an easy-to-access digital record of these pieces.

We defined the Gen X and border Millennials as our primary user and Boomers as our secondary user. To bring Morrie to market, the enticing, emotional story lies in the younger user helping their elderly parent or grandparent use the app and connect with them. As they learn the history of their family heirlooms, both gain priceless memories and spend quality time with loved ones reminiscing and storytelling an import and almost obsolete facet of human history and connection.

For our older users, we created pamphlets that would be available at local libraries. Printable PDF instructions that assist in downloading and using the app or navigating the web interface are also available on the home page. 

Morrie’s business model includes localized ads as well as a separate platform to create photo books populated by the photos and stories created in the Morrie app.

For our Millennial users, we created an Instagram campaign and an animated short that would run as a Hulu ad and give the primary user brand awareness.


Tracie, Maryhannah, and I began by auditing the current end-of-life experiences offered to the average American and identified deeply with Marisa Meltzer, “The death industry exploits people’s fears of inadequacy. You can’t just die- at the very least, you’ll need to invest in a house-tidying consultant, a death doula, an environmentally sound bespoke shroud, and a home funeral, to prove just how well you lived.” We decided to research what matters most to people as they begin to meditate upon what end of life could look like to them. Surprisingly, we found that it’s their things, the things that they’ve collected through the years and the stories attached to these things. They want to begin letting go, but don’t want to lose these stories. And so, Morrie was born.

Reflection + Moving Forward

Morrie’s business model includes monetary gain through localized ads for junk removal, lawyers, cleaning, and appraisers, extended cloud storage, and through our online book publishing option. We see potential for so many future brand extensions such as an appraisal app for deducing an item’s monetary value, or a partnership with antique stores or Antiques Roadshow. Morrie could integrate into a living will or pair with a will-making service like Farewill. Most interestingly to us, as Morrie records the voice of your relatives, there is potential for loved ones using the app to say, “Morrie, have Grandma tell me a story,” and hear their relative’s voice once again.