Pop-Up Studio

Portshowlio 2018 Branding Lead


Creative Direction
Project Management


Each year, SCCA holds a Portshowlio exhibition to highlight the work of its graduating class. The challenge was to build a collaborative brand on a tight deadline and ensure all collateral adheres to brand standards. The brand must represent the 46 students of the class of 2018 as well as brand the Creative Academy’s show.


Our class is incredibly supportive, collaborative, and engaged. We have joked for two years that ideally, we could all just start a studio together. So for Portshowlio 2018, we’ll start a design studio right here on the 5th floor. As we build it overnight and it only lives for 3 days, we’ll call it Pop-Up Studio.

We have a long term investment in process, tools, and technique and aim to demonstrate our knowledge of design history and the creative process. This concept showcases everything we have learned and accomplished over the last two years and what we will continue to build.


The Pop-Up Studio brand is elevated, streamlined, and works for a large group across multiple platforms. It is a great foundation with lots of potential for new ideas and brand extensions.

In the same way the Pop Art movement aimed to blur the boundaries between “high” art and “low” culture, with our Pop‑Up Studio we aim to blur the boundaries between amateur and professional, between student work and the real world. Inspired by the Memphis Group, we take a similarly brash departure from constrained, minimalist design and celebrate unrestricted creative exploration with a playful tone.

We surveyed the 44 students of the class of 2018 to determine a brand that would represent all of us as a collective that everyone could be excited about. We found the class in overwhelming agreement wanting a brand that was:

It was important to also have a healthy balance between:

With these tonal territories defined, we created three pitches for the class to vote upon: 5th Floor Studio, Pop-Up Studio, and Loud. Pop-Up Studio won the vote, and we got to work building out the concept.

Logo Design Cole Williams

Postcard Invitation Julia Rundberg

Logo Animation Ryan Hobbs

T-Shirt Nina Wesler

Mug Nataliya Brown

Tote Cole Williams

Notebook Nataliya Brown

E-mail Invite Amy Harrington

Pop-Up Invitation Julia Kowalski

VIP Invitation Willy Eddy + Julia Rundberg

Enamel Pins Mariah Behrens

Poster Ivanna Mikityuk

Succulents Nina Wesler

The Brand in Motion

The Video team did an incredible job utilizing the brand we created to produce a ton of promo shorts for Facebook and Instagram, but their feature film was serious GOAT goals.  Working in both animation and live-action, they created content that demonstrated the breadth and opportunity for interpretation the brand provided. Capitalizing on the theme of “building together,” the video marketing was a perfect reflection of our class and experience together.

Video team: Gabrielle GoldmanAmy Harrington, Ryan Hobbes, Tracie Loo, Thy NguyenJules Smith, Natalie Warner, & Todd Durboraw

The Pop-Up Gift Shop

To celebrate our collaborative spirit, I wanted to begin a tradition to show our appreciation for the first year class and begin a legacy of support and cooperation between both years. My idea was to create a gift shop that would sell 2018 Pop-Up Studio merchandise during the Portfolio Show. The proceeds from these sales will be gifted to the SCCA Class of 2019 from the class of 2018. This idea was met with overwhelming support from students and faculty. Along with our Portshowlio responsibilities, the Branding team simultaneously designed fun and engaging merchandise that our community would be delighted to rep around Seattle, spreading the word about the incredible program that is the Seattle Central Creative Academy.


The Process of bringing Pop-Up Studio to fruition was intensely collaborative. With the support of my team, we created a brand our entire class was excited to work within and upheld it’s integrity over the course of producing the Portshowlio event. We built a multifaceted brand that could be easily expanded and executed through web, video, marketing, and exhibit.

Reflection + Moving Forward

This was an amazing experience that sustained my confidence in my leadership and project management capabilities. I am so excited to pursue more roles of this nature and grow as a leader and creative director.