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Teachers are quitting the profession due to a lack of support, unmanageable class sizes, and out of pocket classroom expenses. There is an urgent need in the market for an affordable robotic educational tool.

Sprout is the teacher’s aid you’ve always wanted—a powerful resource in the palm of your hand. Sprout encourages classroom participation through hands-on activities, provides individualized attention through voice and touch, and most importantly—is engaging, easy, and fun for grades K-5.

33% of teachers leave the profession in the first 5 years due to lack of resources and support.

70% of teachers believe their students would benefit from AI learning tools.

Sprout is a digital tool for the classroom in two parts: a virtual assistant lives on each student’s desk providing individualized support through its conversational interface while the teacher manages the Sprout application controlling the devices, tracking student progress, planning their curriculum, and connecting them to an educational network.

Sprout consists of an in-class CUI (conversational user interface) device that comes in three physical parts: The hub station where all the individual devices are docked and charged, the individual sprouts that have interactive features, and the individual sprout docking stations that live on each student’s desk. All of these devices are controlled via bluetooth to the parent Sprout app, which is a desktop and mobile digital platform that the teacher controls.

CUI (Conversational User Interface)

Unlike tablets and computers, Sprout doesn’t require students’ undivided attention. Sprout responds to voice and touch, and makes learning engaging and exciting while supporting students without being a distraction. Sprout caters to each student’s unique learning style, tracks their progress, and instantly generates reports for teachers in the companion app.