Completed as a member of the Creative Studio at The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)


Standard Baggu
Canvas Baggu
Temporary Tattoos
Scout Books
10×10′ Tent


The Creative Studio was tasked with creating a new series of branded swag, getting buy-in from all departments, and producing the merch on a rush timeline. We worked together to determine which products would be the most exciting and make the biggest splash. The design team then got to work sketching and curating a cast of characters to represent each facet of MoPOP–Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Music.

Art Direction, Lead Designer

Ty Kreft

Graphic Designer

Tom Johnston

Graphic Designer

Nina Wesler

We got the swag sauce, she drippin’ Baggu

I have an intense passion for Baggus–so much so, you would think they sponsor me. I was delighted to sell the idea to the team, resulting in production of not one, but two styles. Huge upgrade from a canvas tote, imho.

I also designed a set of personal pronoun buttons for museum visitors and staff and adapted the Scout Book pattern created by Ty to produce a 10×10′ tent for MoPOP Programming.