Velvets Chocolate

Branding + Animation – A Marriage of Music and Chocolate


Creative Direction
Motion Graphics
Content Strategy


Baron Chocolate is a Polish company which now has offices in the U.S. They are developing a new line of chocolate to attract a larger market share. The new line could be described in terms such as “Signature,” “Limited Edition.” “Small Batch,” “Artisanal,” etc. but they want it to stand out as distinct and American. They are looking for a modern spin on a nostalgic cultural metaphor that is uniquely American and want to pair it with the appropriate musical genre.


We chose to utilize the 70’s rock and roll spirit of Andy Warhol, the Silver Factory, and Studio 54 with the sweet tunes of the Velvet Underground as the soundtrack for a delicious new line of Chocolate that would pop off the shelf and transport you.


Sweet Jane! A gooey, delicious home page and a psychedelic video featuring the Velvets packaging bring the new brand identity to life.

All I ever really want is sugar

– Andy Warhol



Isabel and I worked together to choose a band that we were both excited about and create a moodboard which we used to pull a psychedelic color pallet from. I developed a storyboard with Isabel’s support and focused on art direction and animation, while Isabel created the illustration assets for each scene. The resulting advertising spot is an frenetic, face-melting, sumptuous experience.

Reflection + Moving Forward

Isabel is such a talented illustrator, that it was incredible to have the opportunity to work as her creative director and bring her illustrations to life through animation. She worked to extend the original packaging into more flavors, while I worked on breaking the animation into smaller chunks for use in social media ads. We worked together to create an intro that pays homage to the “Peel Slowly and See” concept that inspired the new Baron Chocolate brand extension.