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Design, Layout, and Production


Content Strategy
Editorial Design


The challenge in establishing the brand was to find a design solution that felt elevated and unique amongst the multitude of similar travel and leisure publications. In order for the magazine to speak as an authority on travel, entertainment, and art, I sourced content that felt current and exciting and curated authentic imagery that spoke to the true character of the destination. Finally, the magazine’s business model needed to easily expand digitally to supplement sales and customer engagement.


TOAST caters to cultured young professionals and seasoned travelers. We celebrate those with an interest in the arts, being patrons of the arts, and exploring the world like the locals do. TOAST is the ultimate authority on the best of what’s new in art, entertainment, and travel. We’re on a mission to guide you through the most exciting places, new experiences, and emerging trends around the world. Here’s to the good life!


The photography leads the story in Toast to immerse the reader in their destination. The magazine’s business model is subscription based along with an online publication and companion app which provides opportunities to view additional photographs, expanded writings, and the authors’ insider tips for getting the most out of every city, restaurant, entertainment, and gallery experience. With Toast’s e-publication and app, our readers are able to share content and engage in a community of cultured young professionals and seasoned travelers.

For Toast Magazine to thrive and grow, it is designed with digital readership as a primary consideration. Toast has a tech-savvy audience who is educated, enterprising, and on-the-go. Our readers seek thoughtful and genuine experiences and look to Toast as an insiders’ guide that’s one step ahead of their busy lifestyle.

Issue 01: New Orleans


I’ve visited New Orleans twice over the last two years to research the city and culture. With the help of an experienced friend and talks with local residents, I was able to dig into the ethos of the city. I spent an entire day visiting every gallery on Royal Street and The Historic New Orleans Collection– where I first saw the photo of Trombone Shorty that would ultimately make the cover. From seeing gators in the bayou, to walking the graveyards and the art market on Frenchman street, I fell in love with the city and spent several months collecting content relating to my experience. Then, I created an outline to organize the storytelling flow within the magazine. I built a companion Wordpress website to experience the magazine in the digital world where the majority of readers would likely interact with the content, especially during travel.

Reflection + Moving Forward

This long-form layout project has been my favorite over the last two years. It allowed me to master InDesign and simultaneously plan design across multiple platforms and brand extensions. Alongside typography and layout, creating design systems is the foundation of collaborative design, and this project allowed me insight into the value of such systems. Moving forward, continuing to build out the accompanying Wordpress magazine website would be a great opportunity to further develop the brand.