TuneUp! Student Concert Series

Rebrand completed as a member of the Creative Studio at The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)


Style Guide
Graphic Element System
15 Animations, 30sec. ea.
Print + Digital Signage
Sky Church Screens
Video Reel

The Program

Tune Up! Student Concert Series brings student music groups and pop culture together! Student groups connect their musical performance to content found within the museum galleries. A performance in the museum’s legendary Sky Church in front of adoring crowds serves as the highlight of the visit.

Producer/Editor, Video

Jonathan Pulley

Graphic Designer

Nina Wesler

Branding TuneUp!

Previously known as the STAR program, TuneUp! was an opportunity to create a fresh, new brand and spotlight incredibly talented young musicians.

The TuneUp! brand uses high contrast and bold primary colors to reflect the vibrancy of the program and to grab the attention of Museum goers, drawing them to Sky Church for concerts.

I developed a library of patterns and graphic elements created from cropped silhouettes of musical instruments. In print and digital signage, these shapes can be scaled and used as color floods over photography to increase the legibility of copy.

For video content, I created a series of animations utilizing these graphic elements as well as animations in 4/4 time illuminating the brand colors. MoPOP’s video producer created custom video content and overlaid my animations, resulting in immersive, branded ambient videos which play behind the students during their performances.